keith using the Martyn Booth

Keith's gear:
Guitars: Martyn Booth Signature, Gibson CS336, Charvel Jackson 4
Amps: Fender Twin, Mesa Boogie MKIIb, Triaxis & Quad preamps, 22:90 Power and Thiele EV cabs.
FX: Timefactor delay, Bluesky Reverberator, King Of Tone, Zen I & II overdrives, Barber Tonepress, BB Preamp, TC Electronic G-Force
Strings: D'Addario EXLs

Keith would like to thank:
Steve Rhenius amp tech support (and those Messy Budgies!)
Martyn Booth Guitars for that wonderful guitar
Clive Russell - local guitar luthier
Benvolio for the 1970's Twin!

And more importantly even than that.......
Gabbie and Cara, without you I wouldn't be here now x
Family and friends for being there during all those dark years...x
And Peter....what can I say that would make any sense....x

keith winter

A professional session player and gigging guitarist from the age of 19, Keith Winter went on to become a founder member of the 80's jazz funk band Shakatak. The band achieved considerable chart success both here and abroad and toured extensively.

At the end of the 80's, during an extended spell of nothing but recording, Keith felt the need to get out and play live again, returning to his early rockier roots with the band 'Before The Storm'.

With Keith as the main composer along with singer Steve Scales, the band played some 200 gigs in and around the London area and was attracting record company interest when Keith fell ill with a very rare condition that considerably damaged his sensory nervous system and left him severely disabled and unable to play the guitar or even walk properly. The consultants were of the opinion that recovery was unlikely due to the extent of the damage, so some seriously nice guitars and amps got sold!

That seemed to be it!

But amazingly, 21 years later and against all the odds, Keith has now recovered and is back playing again. Initially he started playing guitar with his daughter Cara, a young pianist and singer songwriter ( He then formed an 8 piece band called 'Have You Heard' with local musicians to play a selection of Pat Metheny Group tunes and has got back together again with Steve Scales as 'Another Storm' (  playing the tunes written back at the start of the 90's, with new material and CD planned for 2011.

For information on 'Have You Heard' email: info(at)

The icing on the cake as far as he is concerned is the return of 'Tracks'.