Cd cover

the band in action

the music

1 Jalna 6:30 (Sharpe, Winter, Elliott, Odell)
2 Queen Mab 5.49 (Sharpe)
2 Dream Of E.B. Frankenstein 5:10 (Hamlett)
4 Bermuda Rig 3:30 (Winter)
5 Freeway 4.09 (Sharpe)
6 Coast To Coast 6:15 (Sharpe)
7 In Shadows 2:00 (Sharpe)

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 & 7 originally released
in November 1979

Tracks 2 & 5 never before released

Special thanks:
Des Quarrell, Martin Parker & Tony Williams
(Spotlight Records) for original vinyl production
Jamie Odell for CD compilation,

Contact: info(at)

Original TRACKS band:
Bill Sharpe (keyboards)
Keith Winter (guitar)
Roger Odell (drums)
Trevor Horn (bass guitar)
2nd Version: Pictured left at a Triad Arts Centre Sunday Lunchtime Session
R-L Keith Winter, Bill Sharpe, Roger Odell & Martin Elliott
3rd Version: John Dover, replaced Martin Elliott

Copies of the CD are still available. Email info(at) for info.

Check out live video footage on Youtube from the 2009 charity reunion gig -
Queen Mab
Coast To Coast
Dream of E B Frankenstein
Brazilian Dawn