John Dover

John's gear:
Guitar: Tony Revell Revelation 5 string
Amp: QSC PLX1602 with 35 year old Trace Elliott Mk1 pre-amp. SWR 4x10 and
2x10 Goliaths.
Elixir strings.

john dover

John began his musical career in London circa 1968. His first professional band being a Jamaican Ska (pre-reggae) band called The Skatalites who had a minor hit in 1970's with The Guns of Navarone.

From these humble beginnings he toured extensively throughout
Europe, Scandinavia and South America, with a succession of bands, transcending many musical genres including soul, blues and progressive rock. Typical venues at this time ranging from clubs to major European festivals playing to audiences up to 100,000 people. During this period albums were recorded for Polydor, Decca and EMI.

Upon his return to the UK he settled into the London residency/session scene, colleagues at that time including future members of Status Quo, Shakatak, Suzie Quatro, Tina Charles etc. It was during this period that he met up with Roger Odell who started the whole Tracks thing off in a small bar in Bishops Stortford.

John moved out to Shropshire in the late 80's where he continues to gig and record with The Shrewsbury Jazz Orchestra, Five Live, The Obvious Child and a 1970 funk/disco extravaganza.

John also teaches Electric Bass both privately and within the county school/college network.